Airgead Pronunciation Guide

Note: Some of these are friends you haven’t met yet . . .

Ailis: AY leesh

Airgead: EHR geed

Antarrea: an TARR ee yah

Artair: ahr TEHR

Beathan: bee AH thun

Brennus: BREH nuss

Cairbre: CAR BRUH

Donnchad: DAHN ched

Elisedd: EH le suth

Eunlaith: yun LAYTH

Fife: faif

Gema: JEH mah

Hango: HANG goh

Kennet: KEH nett

Lina: lee NAH

Maeghilde: mayg HILL duh

Milis: MEE leesh

Mor: mohr

Naomhain: nowm HAYN

Remiges: REH meh jeez

Riagan: Ree AH gun

Risehr: reh SAYR

Ros: rohss

Seithermorn: say thur MOHRN

Semiplume: say mee PLOOM

Sorcha: SOHR chah

Tromsil: TRAHM seel

Vawlet: VAH lett

Vibeke: VIH beh kah

Wydd: wuth

Zenna: ZEH nah


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