Airgead Glossary

The 13 Noble Clans (elf type) Note: The Districts are named after the Noble Clans

Acorn, also called Birthright (argent, royal)

Archer (gilt)

Bitterberry (scorched)

Blackroot (scorched)

Cinder (sand)

Feather (mist)

Fletcher (gilt)

Greenleaf (gilt)

Riverrunner (earth)

Rockchipper (scorched)

Strongbranch (earth)

Sweetnut (argent)

Talisman (argent)

Types of elves:

Argent: silver-haired, pale-skinned, blue, grey, or green eyes; originated in forests; nocturnal

Earth: white-haired, brown-skinned, with brown, violet, or black eyes; originated in veld; nocturnal

Gilt: blonde, pale-skinned (though tan well), with green, hazel, or topaz eyes; originated in grasslands; diurnal

Mist: black-haired, olive-skinned, with brown, black, or grey eyes; originated in jungles; nocturnal

Sand: black-haired, brown-skinned, with brown, black, or violet eyes; originated in deserts; nocturnal

Scorched: black-haired, pale-skinned, with bronze, brown, or blue eyes; originated in tundra; diurnal

Days and Months:

Days: Seed, Sprout, Bud, Blossom, Flower, Fruit

Months: (year starts after Spring Equinox) Auramoon, Songmoon, Blademoon, Trunkmoon, Branchmoon, Leafmoon, Fruitmoon, Nutmoon, Spiritmoon, Bowmoon, Arrowmoon, Needlemoon


Wydd: the continent Airgead sits on the southern edge of

Vawlet: human country to northwest of Airgead

Hango: human country north of Airgead

Risehr: elvish kingdom northeast of Airgead

Skycrown Mountains: cliffs that eventually lead to the Sea of Milk to the south of Airgead

Sea of Milk: ocean to Airgead’s south

Sea of Stars: ocean to Airgead’s east

Tromsil Territory: a holdover from Airgead’s war with Risehr, a territory mainly populated with humans but under Airgead’s control

Independent Islands of Seithermorn: an extensive chain of islands under human control that separates the Sea of Milk from the Sea of Stars; Airgead is reliant on its strong transportation system to get imports from other continents.

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